Utility Textured Weaves

UTILITY is a collection of considered designs for upholstery and drapes, which is a soft spin on the street art aesthetic. Organic materiality and trend-driven minimalist designs are united through technical innovation. Fashion, texture and technique are central to the collection, which is inspired by imperfect finishes and edges, folds and pleats. UTILITY brings street art and fashion to interiors with ease.

This is seen in the exposed seams and raw edges of a denim-inspired patchwork and the distressed paint-drip pattern of a dry linen velvet, reminiscent of the natural patina of dilapidated buildings. It’s felt in the rugged dryness of the deliberately creased linen and the sprayed lines and splash marks of freestyle graffiti.

UTILITY blends innovative, state-of-the-art techniques with artisanal craftsmanship and the finest of fibres, using tone and texture to create striking patterns. A geological terrain inspired fabric evokes mountainous peaks, spray-dyed folded linen conjures thoughts of mist and clouds, whilst the natural folds of an elegant Pima cotton form a minimalist block of design and colour. Adding heavy duty utilitarian linen and premium Egyptian cotton yarns, UTILITY is set against a cooling, pared-back landscape of muted pastels, tonal industrial hues, and soft monochrome.