Wallcoverings Vol. 1

Kirkby Design’s new wallcoverings collection is a detailed consideration of surface and texture that explores abstraction and artistry. Taken from two new fabric collections, the designs are translated into coordinating wallcoverings and elevated by unique, high quality papers, grasscloths and fabric substrates. Within large-scale statement artwork, you’ll find the intricate, hand-woven details of natural, organic materials, such as real cork and paper made with natural wood pulp.

Three murals see a large-scale geometric on a textured linen, freestyle graffiti on a linen and paper weave and an oversized abstract design on hand-woven grasscloth. Peaceful abstract designs, textural plains and contemporary camouflage are produced in a fresh, tonal and on-trend colour palette with versatile, appealing neutrals.

WALLCOVERINGS VOL.1 celebrates natural materials and traditional and modern techniques using intricate processes. Contemporary digital printing techniques are combined with a one-hundred-year-old cast iron machine, which is used to block print the paper, whilst grasscloth hemp is harvested, hand-tied and spun on a loom and skilled colourists mix colours by hand.