Chelsea II 100% Linen

A Kirkby staple, CHELSEA II is a relaxed, Oeko-Tex certified, washable, 100% linen, meaning the fabric is free from harmful chemicals. CHELSEA II has a beautiful stone-washed finish, which gives a relaxed feel and makes it the perfect weight for drapery and upholstery.

Linen is considered to be a sustainable fibre as it is a natural product and the entire flax plant can be used when harvested, meaning there is almost no waste created during the spinning and weaving processes.

Flax plants are cultivated at close proximity, producing a high yield and storing large quantities of CO2 each year. Flax plants help improve soil quality which encourages biodiversity in the local ecosystem.

CHELSEA II has been re-coloured to include a mix of warm neutrals, rich browns and fresh greens that add yet more versatility to the existing palette of contemporary shades.