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Fleck Eco - Press Release Reengineered as a sustainable addition to Kirkby Design’s plains portfolio, Fleck Eco has been adapted to become a more environmentally conscious, textured chenille that retains the much loved speckled aesthetic of the original Fleck fabric. Download PDF
Flow - Press Release A tactile semi-plain and two contemporary designs make for a sophisticated, versatile collection of recycled jacquard weaves, made from 100% PET recycled polyester yarns produced from waste plastic bottles. Download PDF
Leaf - Press Release Supporting eco-sustainability, this 100% recycled wool felt uses reconstituted wool yarns from the fashion industry. Download PDF
Wave - Press Release Crafted from 100% PET recycled polyester yarns produced from waste plastic bottles, Wave puts sustainability at the forefront of its design and development, bringing a more responsible approach to interiors. Download PDF
Rock - Press Release Changing the landscape of outdoor fabrics, Kirkby Design presents Rock, a textural collection of outdoor qualities. Download PDF
Contemporary Cushions - Press Release Kirkby Design presents an attention-grabbing new collection of ready-made cushions. Download PDF
Futurebound - Press Release Take a journey into the unknown with Futurebound, a range of decorative weaves that combines a feeling of Hi Tech luxe with space-age forms. Download PDF
Volume - Press Release A playground of texture, Volume is an irresistible representation of extreme touch and tactility. Download PDF
Gobi, Sahara & Faze - Press Release Effortlessly Kirkby Design in texture and palette, these three collections of contrasting qualities, work in perfect harmony, offering further versatility to the brands extensive library of essential plains. Download PDF