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Unafraid to push the boundaries of conventional design, Kirkby Design take an experimental approach that has earned them a place as an industry leader in cutting-edge fabrics, wallcoverings and accessories including contract specific qualities.

Over a decade since Kirkby Design was realised, our mission has never wavered. First and foremost, we want to create collections that excite our customers so they can create interiors that offer style, sophistication and above all else, enjoyment. Years of design has given us the confidence to be true to ourselves and hone a distinctive aesthetic that remains ahead of the curve.

'Interiors That Offer Style'
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Kirkby Design

Always looking to innovate, we thrive when experimenting and drawing inspiration from unconventional influences. The desirability of our collections comes from their uniqueness, playing with thought-provoking textures such as wool, chenille boucle and quilted velvet, while offering a mix of bold and understated designs. Predominantly known for our range of upholstery cloths we also offer contemporary, drapery cloths, as well as an unforgettable mix of wallcoverings. Each collection has a distinctive colour palette that develops and changes with each launch, keeping us at the forefront of an ever-changing market.

As well as creating our own designs, we have found creative joy through unique collaborations with renowned designers, most notably, Jon Burgerman, Tom Dixon, Transport for London (TfL) and Eley Kishimoto, allowing us to adapt and reinterpret iconic patterns with a Kirkby edge.

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Relied upon for our library of versatile and usable plains, we endeavour to offer a diverse sensory experience even with our plain fabrics, including interesting textures and practical finishes to make working with our products even more appealing.

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'Using More Sustainable Materials'

As we look forward to future collections, we continue to be conscious of the environmental impact our industry has on the planet, and how we can help reduce the effects. Technological developments in fabric production are constantly improving and innovating, the use of recycled yarns in interior textiles is becoming more accessible. Whilst working closely with various suppliers, we continue to explore new yarn developments to see where recycled yarns can be incorporated into future products. We want to be able to offer classic Kirkby Design products whilst using more sustainable materials.

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